Since our founding over 65 years ago, the Joe Wallis Storage Equipment Company is a family owned business dedicated to providing the North and Central Texas area with unparalleled sales and service of storage equipment and industrial products. 

In our early years, we built a strong local practice serving the Fort Worth and Dallas Texas clients. We earned respect and trust from those early clients, one at a time. Soon, those clients began to spread the word that the Joe Wallis Storage Equipment Company was uniquely set apart from the others suppliers by the personable “Can Do” attitude focused on a client's true needs.  
Seasoned with many years of “Hands-On” experience and with a comprehensive product portfolio which includes over 14,000 products, we have continued to serve and provide our customers with insightful solutions to their problems.

As you contemplate your current and future industrial product needs, we hope that you will look to the Joe Wallis Storage Equipment Company. We invite you to learn about our capabilities further by exploring the following pages. More importantly, we invite you to meet our family, who brings to life our value driven approach. 

Thank you for considering the Joe Wallis Storage Equipment Company. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


  Jane L.Hardin

Jane L. Hardin
President and CEO

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